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Support The Band!

$15 provides Music Class for a student in our public schools!

Band in a Bus provides instruments, curriculum and staffing to over 3000 students in Cincinnati and NKY every year. Join our band and make music class possible for our youth by making a donation below.

Let's Make Some Noise!

Band In A Bus aims to bus the performing arts to communities in need.

We find that music plays a big part inside, and outside of the band room. On average students who participate in music related programs score higher on standardized tests and develop positive social emotional skills that can point them towards a more creative future.

By providing musical instruments, performing arts curriculum, and staffing--we hope to offer a hip, modernized band classroom experience that will bridge the performing arts gap facing youth in the Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky region.

Band In A Bus currently provides programming for over 2000 students across 32 schools involving general music and digital media production. Next semester can be even louder--with a little help from our friends!  

Band in a Bus is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. 




Dohn Community High School




ABC Arts


Cincinnati Public Schools


Current Programs

Make Some Noise


Strums & Drums

Suggested Grades: K-6/Teens/Families

A ‘jam circle’ style class guiding students through the basics of making music. We provide the Ukes, Guitars, Drums and show participants how to make some noise. This program is designed to develop relationship building, communication and social-emotional skills.


Kid's Band

Suggested Grades: K-6

A stepping-stone program focused on sound & movement. We provide the instruments and guide participants through playing a popular song while learning how to play together. School House rock has nothing on this program!


Studio PRO

Suggested Grades: 7-12/Teens/Adults

Beats. Rhymes. And everything in-between. Band In A Bus provides the studio gear and helps participants learn about the modern recording studio experience. Ready to push the red button?


Teen Band

Suggested Grades: 7-12/Teens

A rock band style course with a focus on modern music. Participants learn how to play Bass, Guitar, Drums, Keys and work together to deepen their understanding of music and performance. Let’s rock. Let’s rock. Today!

Contact Band In A Bus

1737 Sherman Ave 
Cincinnati, OH 45212


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